Welcome to Sedgwick College​ at Penn Hall School

At the heart of Penn Hall School lies Sedgwick College, our dedicated Sixth Form pathway. Our team is committed to supporting our students and community, fostering a nurturing environment alongside a talented staff focused on developing this unique provision.

We believe in providing every student with an outstanding educational experience, regardless of their starting point. Our goal is to ensure each young person in our care is inspired, supported, and prepared for independent futures, becoming well-rounded individuals ready for further education and meaningful employment.

Building Futures at Sedgwick College

Our college is proud to offer practical learning experiences through our commercial outlets, giving students the chance to thrive and develop in various educational and career pathways. By embedding consistent work experience into our curriculum, we ensure our students gain vital skills for future employment and personal growth, preparing them for independence.

Our learning pathways are tailored to enhance interpersonal and independence skills, building confidence in social interactions and the ability to manage diverse relationships. We aim to provide a comprehensive education that encourages our students to be engaged, inspired, and ready for the challenges ahead.

Our Promise to You

We are committed to delivering quality education, outstanding teaching, and an exciting curriculum. Our promise is to create an environment where every student feels happy, inspired, and motivated every day. We strive to empower our students to pursue fulfilling futures in areas they are passionate about.

See Our Students in Action

We encourage you to visit our commercial outlets to see the positive impact of our approach on student development. Witness how our focus on real-world experience and personalized learning paths helps our students flourish.

Join us at Sedgwick College, where we’re not just preparing for the future; we’re creating it together.

Our Mission:

To enrich, to educate and to inspire young adults to flourish, empowering them to create their own futures.


Our Vision:

A world of bright futures and exciting opportunities for people with SEND. ​


 Sedgwick Curriculum

Sedgwick College is an exciting, inspirational and professional educational route of progression for 14-19-year-old students from Penn Hall School with special educational needs and disabilities from entry level 1 through to level 2 and beyond. ​

Pairing a varied and individualised curriculum with high quality teaching and learning, students at Sedgwick have the opportunity to specialise in a variety of different career pathways in practical and vocational settings both within and outside of the college, developing in skill sets and knowledge that enables independence and effectiveness in life, learning and work. ​

Students at Sedgwick College will enjoy a high-quality education in which they will develop and gain accreditation in their Literacy and Numeracy skills; personal character; social and emotional management; life skills; as well as the knowledge and skills in specialist career pathway courses. The curriculum pathway will be individualised and matched carefully to each student’s needs and ambitions for the future.

At the heart of the vision, we ensure students are nurtured and given ample opportunities to flourish vocationally and personally, becoming well equipped and prepared for independence and meaningful, paid employment or further education in their future lives.

Sedgwick College Curriculum

Find out more about our Sixth Form curriculum offer and the work that we are doing to change the face of employability for our young people.


Sedgwick College Transition 2023

Our learners have fully immersed themselves in our sample curriculum this week, our theme has been ‘Birds’. We are so lucky to have not only our stunning building to work in but this week we have spent time outside in our beautiful grounds.

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Sedgwick College
Sedgwick College6 days ago
Last chance to book for our final breakfast service of the year tomorrow! 🌟🍽️ We have just one space remaining in the morning sitting and six in the second.

It would be amazing to see everyone there to end an incredible year here at Sedgwick College. Let's make this last breakfast a truly special one! ❤️

Book your spot now and join us for a memorable farewell to a fantastic year. 🌈 #LastChance #FinalBreakfastService #SedgwickCollege #BookNow #JoinUs

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