Penn Hall Residence Closure Consultation


We wish to consult with you regarding the closure of the Penn Hall Residence facility and also to share with you the vision and development proposals to redevelop this into a new and exciting vocational route of education for 14-19-year-old students with SEND from Penn Hall School and the local authority.

As you will be aware, the Residential Facility at Penn Hall School has been closed since March 2020. For some time before this, the future of the facility was very uncertain with the school budget no longer able to sustain the running costs of the residential provision. Despite the best efforts of the school,  alternative funding streams could not be identified.  

We have shared with you during our pre-consultation period , the plans developed in partnership with Amethyst Academies Trust and Tettenhall Wood School to repurpose the Residential building so that we are able to develop a specialist vocational educational  provision for 14-19 learners with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities through the creation of Sedgwick College. 

We would now like consult with you formally and seek your views on our proposal to officially close the Residential Facility at Penn Hall School and repurpose the building to become Sedgwick College.   The consultation period runs from Wednesday 16th November 2022 until Wednesday 14th December 2022. 

We propose to make prescribed alterations of internal refurbishments and developments of the hall, specifically designed to suit the needs of prospective students, our local community and in enabling students to develop independence in life, learning and work.

We invite you to read about our proposals and share your views with us. Please see details of how to do so below.


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Our goal is to raise £400,000 to fund full refurbishments and development works at Penn Hall to create the flagship educational provision, Sedgwick College.


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The Amethyst Academies Trust are ambitious for each and every student within their Trust schools, with the core vision of improving the life chances and opportunities for all. Working in partnership with Tettenhall Wood School, we are delighted to share with you the vision and development proposals for Sedgwick College. Sedgwick College will create a much-needed learning and development provision for 14-19-year-old students with special educational needs and disabilities from Penn Hall School, other Amethyst Academies Trust schools and across the local authority to thrive across all areas of the curriculum, enabling and empowering them to live independent futures of paid employment and life opportunities.

Our Mission: To enrich, to educate and to inspire young adults to flourish, empowering them to create their own futures.

Our Vision: A world of bright futures and exciting opportunities for people with SEND.

Sedgwick College will be specifically designed to suit the individual needs of our students, the local community and in enabling them to develop independence in life, learning and work.

Bradney Tea Room Render

Media Suite Render

Proposed Curriculum:

 Students at Sedgwick College will enjoy a high-quality education in which they will develop their Literacy and Numeracy skills; personal character; social and emotional management; life skills; as well as the knowledge and skills in a specialist career pathway course. The curriculum pathway will be individualised and matched carefully to each student’s needs and ambitions for the future and will be offered from entry level 1 through to Level 2. The planned specialist career pathway courses on offer for years 1-5 are:

  • Retail & Enterprise
  • Hospitality & Catering
  • Horticulture & Floristry
  • Creative & Performing Arts
  • Animal Care
  • Media & Technology

Creating lasting change in the employability of special needs/disabled people, the college will give students access to practical and vocational experiences across the wide range of specialist career pathways, providing innovative skills-based training and well-preparing students for the workplace.

Work Experience and Careers:

By developing exciting work experience and commercial settings within the college such as a clothes boutique; tea room; vegetable allotment; florist; animal husbandry; E-commerce; and a technology studio, students will develop their knowledge and skills rapidly, putting them into practice daily.

Paired with a plethora of business links and relationships, a wide variety of employment and apprenticeship opportunities will grow and students will have ample opportunities to work with the wider community and develop their social skills and interaction. College provision will be housed within the existing, disused accommodation of the building.

Panelled Room

Charity Shop

Refurbishment Information

The development proposals seek to improve the internal layout of the hall through the redesign and development of the existing rooms in Penn Hall.

The college, whilst retaining the beautiful architecture and history of the building, will offer high quality and accessible teaching, vocational and commercial spaces throughout the existing building and external gardens of Penn Hall. There are no plans to further extend or alter the heritage site structurally, but the existing residential facility will close. Existing planting and trees along the site boundaries will be retained and supplemented by soft landscaping features to enhance the heritage site.

The development plans propose to create six modern, accessible and practical classroom settings including a Creative Arts Studio, IT and Media Suite, Catering & Training Kitchen, Performing Arts Studio and flexible learning spaces. On the ground floor, a Tea Room, Boutique Clothes Shop, Garden Centre and Animal Husbandry will provide vocational learning experiences for students to develop their practical skills, knowledge and communication with the community. Plans also include a beautiful new sensory room, dining and catering facilities, staff work rooms and offices.

Throughout the ground floor of the college, the vocational and commercial rooms will be open to the general public and local community to enjoy and play a part in the growth and learning of our students. These commercial outlets will bring life back to Penn Hall Mansion and the local community and beyond.

The proposals also significantly improve car parking facilities, providing 10-15 additional spaces, a one-way entry/exit system and turning area to allow for the efficient movement of vehicles within the college site. The creation of a welcoming fronted entrance incorporating preserved trees, soft landscaping and established hedgerows will open up the frontage of the hall, whilst maintaining the rural appearance of the local area.

The plans will create a more coherent built form that sensitively responds to neighboring uses and makes efficient use of the site for a wide audience of people.

Ground Floor Plan View

First Floor Plan View


It is important to all stakeholders that the local community has the opportunity to provide their comments on the proposals throughout the consultation period. We have worked with the local authority, the local conservation team and members of the public closely in ensuring these proposals exceed requirements of the city and the local community. Following the consultation period, a full business case application will be issued to close the residential facility and relevant planning applications for the redevelopment will be submitted to Wolverhampton City Council for their consideration.


Please take time to consider the information in this pack and then provide us with your feedback and comments. Any person/s can either support, object to or comment on the proposals set out above. The easiest way to do this is via the link below, email or alternatively you can send your comments by post. 

The consultation period runs from Wednesday 16th November 2022 until Wednesday 14th December 2022. 

All comments are welcomed, but we would be particularly interested to receive your feedback on the following:
Your interest in the development proposals (i.e. local resident, local business, school staff / parent / student, other);
Any aspects of the scheme that you like; and
Any aspects of the scheme that you dislike, or any considerations that you feel should be incorporated into the proposals.

Feedback Link:

Address: Penn Hall School Vicarage Road, WV4 5HP


Raphael's Tea Rooms Bookings

Click below to be taken to the booking page for our tea rooms so you can see a part of our proposals in reality, find out ore information about our proposals and share your views!

The restaurant is available to book on a Friday’s for Breakfast from 10am-12pm and for lunch from 12pm-2pm. 

Please note that the submission of your feedback and views is entirely optional. Any responses received will be used for the purposes of consultation and informing the submission of a planning application for the redevelopment. A summary of all responses will be collated into a Statement of Community Involvement to be submitted as part of that application. The personal details of respondents will not be included as part of that document.

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